Welcome to Benford Bench: Digital Forensics Research in Dynamic Data

(BenfordBench Program Performed on 2018 General Election Time Stamps from Central Tabulator) 

Our group is thanked for all the contributions made so far with the election data of in-election time stamps of the last few elections. Your contributions have helped shape new approaches as well as defining methods for testing data/digital forensics with the use of Benford's Law and this learning and discovery process is apt to continue.

Despite a spam bot attack on the services that hosted the last Benford Bench site, the realization of this project as becoming a viable piloting endeavor for experimenting on new methods of testing and hypothesis as that is needed, the realization of the scope of the use of Benford's Law is still very limited to just certain financial and research sectors. We hope to broaden that scope in an effort to eventually deter data fraud in all perceivable applications.

After a long hiatus of project endeavors, I hope to revitalize this project again and in prospect of involving additional volunteers to our team and structuring a relaunch of the Benford Bench project.


Jason Page
Founder of Benford Bench

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1) Benford's Law with Time Stamps:
2) Benford's Law use in Law

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