– Election Log Data Parser

echo Benford Bench: Delta Time Stamps of Election Logs Board of Elections       
echo For rendering with bxe [benfordbenchXe]       
echo press a key to continue or ctrl+"C" to escape       
read a       
echo Processing Steps Commence:       
echo 1. Combine all precinct files to one Ward file in proper order.       
#cat < ls | grep .txt > all.tx       
ls *.txt | xargs cat > all.tx       
#cat w??p??.txt > all.tx       
echo 2. Extract all lines with key expression ┬┤Ballot saved┬┤       
#cp all.tx keyword.tx       
cat all.tx | grep 'Ballot drop' > keyword.tx       
echo 3. Extract all lines of Election day Nov 3       
cat keyword.tx | grep '03 Nov' > electionday.tx       
echo 4. Extract only time stamps to file       
cat electionday.tx | grep -o [0-2][0-9]:[0-5][0-9]:[0-5][0-9] > timestamps.tx       
echo 5. Convert time stamps to total seconds       
cat timestamps.tx | nawk -F: '{ seconds=($1*60)*60; seconds=seconds+($2*60); seconds=seconds+$3; print seconds}' > seconds.tx       
echo Skipping 6. Sort seconds ascending       
mv seconds.tx all.dat       
echo 7. Count total number of ballots saved       
cat -n all.dat > counted.tx       
tail counted.tx       
mv timestamps.tx allts.dat       
echo 8. Making delta seconds file...       
awk 'p{print $0-p}{p=$0}' all.dat > dall.csv       
echo 9. Making file containing only digits more than 3       
cat dall.csv | awk 'length($0) > 3' > dall3.csv       
# echo Skipping 9. Removing all that is delta equal zero       
# cat dall.csv | grep -vx 0 > dall0.csv       
echo 10. Removing all negative numbers in file       
cat dall.csv | grep -v '-' > dall.dat       
cat dall3.csv | grep -v '-' > dall3.dat       
echo 11. Run BenfordXe per Ward. Source code for bxe.bas available at       
echo ie       
echo bxe all.dat   [for total seconds]       
echo bxe allts.dat [for actual time stamps]       
echo bxe dall.dat  [for delta seconds]       
echo bxem3 dall3.dat [for delta seconds more than 3 digits long]       
bxe dall.dat       
bxe3m dall3.dat       
echo graphing...       
graph $1       
graph3 3_$1       
mkdir ../graphs/       
echo storing... ../graphs/       
cp $1.png ../graphs/       
cp 3_$1.png ../graphs/